Masterplan and KANTRAS joined efforts recently to support our international customers in their Digital Transformation journey.

Successful change depends on the curiosity of each individual. In order to succeed digital transformation one needs to do it from the inside out. KANTRAS & Masterplan turns employees into active future creators. But these employees need to be trained. We need to make life long learning possible for everyone and at any time and in any place and thus integrates seamlessly into the actual working environment.

Effective learning requires an appropriate environment. The design of our platform makes it easy to concentrate on the essentials: Our exclusive content. Supporting functions and deepening materials allow everyone to develop their own learning style:

  • Clear overview of all learning content in your own dashboard

  • Interactive video player with in-depth learning functions

  • Intuitive user guidance for beginners and advanced users

For a deeper inside into our MASTERPLAN approach please use this LINK.

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