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As a manager or leader, do you let your people assume more responsibility when they are able? Do you know when that is, or do you keep telling yourself that they aren't ready yet? You can find tips in this Startup Leadership.

On the other way, you may willing to delegate but you don't know how. Delegation requires the ability to break up large tasks into smaller chunks, establish priorities …, and decide which of those chunks they need to perform by who.


So the most important lesson is, that you need to get self-organized before you can start organising others. Here is the book to guide you to empower yourself and others.


You will learn on how to build an environment that empowers you:

  • to demonstrated the capacity to handle the responsibility by focusing on the issues that really matter 

  • encouraged to grow your skills by creating a favorable environment 

  • by sharing future ideas

  • by giving people discretion and autonomy over their tasks and resources

  • and much more

Start-Up Leadership Book as pdf

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